Inauspicious Day

the system is crumbling

not just around us

(though that too)

but through us

no wonder

we ache


If all you can do today is be kind, share that kindness with yourself and others. If you can’t concentrate, can’t work, can’t compute, focus your attention on your breathing. Find your people. Have conversation. Give hugs. Be gentle and loving and real. You’ve got this. We’ve got this. This historical moment may have swallowed us up, turned us inside out, and spit us back out again – heart and internal organs exposed to cold air – but if that means we can feel, feel, feel? Embrace the tenderness. Love as only you can. Know the grief, the outrage, and the shock, and plumb the depths with curiosity. We’ll double down in solidarity with our American cousins, the global community, our mother the planet, and all our relations, fueled by our very humanity.

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you

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